Ultimate Guide on Who to Cheer for in the NBA Conference Finals

I have spent a lot of time working on an ultimate guide on who to cheer for in the NBA Conference Championships. Surprisingly, it is easy to follow and is only a two-step guide.

Step 1: Cheer for the Warriors in the West

Step 2: Cheer for the Cavaliers in the East

Here is the logic behind this guide:

Do you really want to watch LeBron and the Cavaliers ball on a bunch of old men and an injured Kawhi Leonard?

Or even better

Do you want to watch the Warriors, a team that is built to beat the Cavaliers, sweep a team with a point guard being their best player? (Works for either Celtics or Wizards)

Simple answer: No

You want to watch LeBron James try and further prove his greatness by beating a team designed to beat him after they blew a 3-1 lead last year (yes, I had to throw that in there).

Maybe you want to watch the Western Conference All-Star team, led by Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, prove that they have what it takes to take down The King.

In reality, either outcome is great for the game of basketball.

You either can’t beat LeBron James or it takes a whole army to do so.

You have people who dislike the Warriors. You have people who dislike LeBron.

Wouldn’t you rather see them fall on the biggest stage with the biggest crowd in NBA basketball?

Yes, yes you would.

This whole past year would go to a complete waste if your Celtics, Wizards or Spurs make it to the NBA Finals.

The drama would be for nothing. Major networks would focus more on why LeBron James or the Warriors lost in their conference matchup, instead of actually covering the NBA Finals.

That leads me to saying this.

If the matchup on June 1st isn’t Cavaliers @ Warriors, I will be taking a lawn chair down to the local Riley Park and cover the pick-up games that go on down there.

Dear Adam Silver,

Rig it.

Best Regards,

Owen Smith

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