Reality Check: Paul George’s Visit on Jimmy Kimmel

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Pacers’ star, Paul George, recently visited Jimmy Kimmel on his late night talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, to promote his debut shoe, the PG1.

But of course, there was more discussed beyond the shoe.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is filmed in California so you can imagine, the topic of Paul George returning to his home state to play basketball was brought to the table for discussion.

Now, I am usually happy about anyone from Indiana getting time on national television – for the right reasons. It gives me some pride in my home state. But this was different.

Very different.

When asked about playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, George couldn’t help but smile.

But it wasn’t a nervous smile. It was more like “I probably shouldn’t share my feelings, but I can’t wait to be a part of the LA Lakers” smile.

As a Pacers fan, this brought a concern of reality.

Paul George can’t wait to be in a Lakers jersey.

George also announced that he will be working out with Kobe Bryant over the summer. If you didn’t know, Kobe Bryant is arguably the greatest Laker ever. It is also a huge honor to be training with a player of that caliber.

My biggest concern is that Paul George is still under contract for the Indiana Pacers until July 1, 2018.

LeBron James did not know he would end up playing for the Miami Heat until the summer of 2012 when he was a free agent. Same with Kevin Durant with the Warriors last summer.

So what happens when a player knows his next destination a year before he can make the decision himself?

Let’s make this relatable.

You are on a trip in Wyoming, but next week you are going to Florida. You announce you are going on a 2-week trip and people ask where you are going. You say Wyoming but smile when you say Florida. Also, Do you really think about making the most out of your trip to Wyoming? Or do you think about how you will make the most out of your Florida trip?

If you couldn’t tell the Pacers are Wyoming and the Lakers are Florida.

And those are the thoughts that will be going on in Paul George’s head until July 1, 2018.

I don’t know how this will affect Paul George’s play next season, if he is still with the Pacers, but it seems that he will be thinking about ways to make the most out of his future opportunity in LA.

With that said, there won’t be much thought of how to make the most of the current situation. George has a switch when he wants to win but that switch might not be touched until 2018.

George doesn’t have anything to prove to LA. They will take what they can get.

PG won’t be non-existent but he won’t necessarily be anything special for the Pacers. He is still good at the game of basketball. He will still average 23-27 points per game. But he will be ready for that next step.

I hope that I am wrong. I hope it was a nervous smile on Jimmy Kimmel. I hope that PG wants nothing more than to play for the Indiana Pacers. I hope he trains with Kobe Bryant and brings a championship to Indiana.

But hope is only a desire for a certain thing to happen. I need trust. A trust that I can’t seem to find.

Sure, you had some great memories in Wyoming, but you can’t wait to be on the beach in Florida.

Photo and Video Credits to Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

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