Could David West Finally Achieve His Goal? 

David West is now even closer to what he has been chasing since his departure from the Indiana Pacers in the summer of 2015.

The Golden State Warriors have just finished a complete Western Conference sweep and are now awaiting their opponent in the NBA Finals.

In the summer of 2015, West decided to take the veteran minimum contract and become a part of the San Antonio Spurs. This was an effort to play for a championship team as a role player and win a ring. That effort was cut short when the Spurs lost in the Western Conference Semifinals.

This past summer, West decided to depart from the San Antonio Spurs and became a part of the Golden State Warriors dynasty. This decision was made after Kevin Durant joined the Warriors, a team that had just lost in the NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Beginning on June 1, West will compete for the ring alongside the Warriors. This will be his first opportunity to do so during his 14 year career.

The Warriors will be considered the favorite due to their playoff run this year and their record from the regular season, regardless of the outcome of the Eastern Conference Finals.

West is averaging 6.0 PPG and is considered as a bench presence and role player for this Finals-bound team.

If the Warriors win the series, West could end his career on a high note.

This “ring-chasing” could play out to be worth it…

….or not meant to be. There is only so much time left for the 36-year-old veteran and limited amount of teams that West can chase with.

Either way, West contributed a lot during his time for Indiana Pacers and it would be nice to see him finally achieve what he has been dreaming about while riding into the sunset.

During his 14 years, West spent time with the New Orleans Hornets and Indiana Pacers before the “ring-chasing” began.

West played for the Indiana Pacers during 2011-2015.

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