The Outcome of Game 5 Could Help Keep Paul George in Indiana

If the Boston Celtics sneak in a win tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the chances of Paul George staying in Indiana could increase.

Right now, the Indiana Pacers are unsure on Paul George’s future. Even Paul George is unsure of his own future. It seems like George would like to play in Los Angeles for the rest of his career. That’s what I thought about his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Talk Show.

But what if I told you I have a theory about tonight’s game affecting more than just the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

I think it could affect the entire NBA.

Boston Celtics’ star point guard, Isaiah Thomas, is out for the remainder of the NBA Playoffs with a hip injury, according to ESPN. But somehow, the Celtics were able to win in Game 3 without their “star”, who averages nearly 29 points per game this season.

To be fair, LeBron James had an off night and only scored 11 points.

But if the Celtics win tonight, it only further proves that Boston can survive without their 5’9” point guard.

So let me propose a theory.. It is out of the ordinary, but just listen.

  • The Boston Celtics win Game 5 without Isaiah Thomas against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Danny Ainge, General Manager and President of Basketball Operations for the Celtics, decides to explore options to trade away Isaiah Thomas.
  • In June, the Celtics draft Lonzo Ball who is arguably the best player in this draft (even though I highly suggest to pass on him).
  • The Lakers have to settle for Markelle Fultz, point guard from Washington, or Josh Jackson, small forward from Kansas.
  • Therefore, Paul George realizing that he is better off in Indiana – if it isn’t apparent enough already.. (Lakers without George – Top Lottery Team; Pacers without George – 9th seed in Eastern Conference).

Now how realistic is this?

Well, I think that the Celtics may be better off without Isaiah Thomas with a win tonight against the Cavaliers.

If that is the case, I have a feeling that the Boston Celtics would rather have Markelle Fultz on their team. Not only has he been projected to be drafted by the Celtics, but Lonzo Ball brings some liability with his crazy marketing genius father, LaVar Ball. It also always seems like SOME of the most hyped up draft prospects end up becoming a bust or role player at best.

Oh yeah, Lonzo Ball has also refuses to work out for the Celtics, according to Danny Ainge on Boston sports radio 98.5 The Sports Hub.

In that scenario, the Lakers will have the option to select Lonzo Ball at the #2 spot in the draft.

I still do not think that is appealing for Paul George, but I strongly believe PG would rather be miserable on the court in LA with amazing life in the state of California instead of being mediocre on the court and a mediocre life in the state of Indiana.

BUT the Celtics have drafted prospects who have not worked out for them.

“So you’re saying there is still a chance?”



Dear Brad Stevens,

Help Indiana Out. Let’s get this W tonight

Best Regards,

Owen Smith


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