The New Duo: MVP & PG-13 in OKC.. But For How Long?


Just in this past week, the NBA has created two new duos – RIGHT before Free Agency.

We will now see Chris Paul and James Harden, runner-up for MVP, team up together in Houston.

We will also see Paul George and Russell Westbrook, 2016-17 MVP, team up together in Oklahoma City.

BUT will this MVP / PG-13 duo last long in Oklahoma?

You have to feel bad for Oklahoma City after last summer when their beloved Kevin Durant left for the Golden State Warriors. BUT next summer could be even worse


Paul George will be used as a “one-year rental” due to his known intentions of signing with the Los Angeles Lakers next summer. So the Thunder fans shouldn’t get too comfortable with this teenage movie. Definitely don’t invest in one of those jerseys.


They also should not get too comfortable with Russell Westbrook either.

Westbrook will be an unrestricted free agent in 2018, if he chooses to opt-out of his contract.

So this duo could stay together…. but just not in Oklahoma City.

The Los Angeles Lakers have the ability to sign two max contract players next summer after trading away Timofey Mozgov and his terrible contract to the Brooklyn Nets.

If this duo ends up working out & enjoying their time together, they can trade the National Cowboy Hall of Fame (yes, Oklahoma is famous for this) for the beaches and beautiful LA weather.

They would also be joining the better team situation as well.

PG-13 & MVP could go from Andre Roberson to Brandon Ingram. From Billy Donovan to Luke Walton. From a nobody to Magic Johnson.

They could become “Big Ballers” by joining Lonzo Ball and all the attention that he brings.


Who knows.. Maybe they really enjoy each other’s presence & the city of Oklahoma City.

BUT Paul George wasn’t satisfied in Indiana. If I were a betting man, I would bet that he won’t be satisfied with Oklahoma City either.

So OKC fans, I apologize..

If I were you, I’d hope for success but pray that PG-13 does not get along with your MVP.

Or this could be Magic Johnson next off-season..



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