Gregg Doyel on Legendary Gym in Greenfield

Gregg Doyel, IndyStar Sports Columnist, took a visit to Greenfield recently to write a column on an old gym at Greenfield High (school before Hancock-Central and Greenfield High were consolidated to what is now Greenfield-Central High School).

The gym is now a parking garage for the Lincoln Park Apartments in Greenfield.

I was able to talk to Gregg about the story along with Adam Grimes and Nathan Watson on WRGF Greenfield 89.7 FM.


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Gregg Doyel’s story on this gym can be found on IndyStar.

“Let’s Talk Sports: Lunchtime” is a weekday show on WRGF Greenfield 89.7 FM that runs from 12-1PM. More information on the station can be found here.

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